Why property
fits your needs.

We are on a mission to build a better real estate experience for property owners, tenants, and buyers alike.

Understanding the market on one hand, and the pressing needs of the clients on the other helped us develop products and services which could bring well-deserved peace of mind and help develop sustainable relationships between The Estate and its clients.

We take care of the unexpected.

Our team will make sure that any unexpected technical issues will be solved as soon as possible. In order to prevent most of these issues, we'll perform periodical check-ups on the apartment to ensure it remains in optimal condition.

and taxes

We understand that the administrative and contractual flow can be a pain, which is why we can oversee the contracts with the local administration, help out with contracting the utilities suppliers, and pay all taxes for the specific property.


We do our best to build a relationship with the tenants, making sure they have the support they need. The care and communication we provide is why we managed to increase the length of rental contracts to three times the industry average.

Benefit the full extent of what we can offer

Our consolidated team and professional values drive what we are and how we do it. We strongly believe in quality services delivered to our clients and that is why The Estate covers a range of services and products we take pride in.

We aim to build trustworthy relations and take the procedural hassle out of our client's hands and offer peace of mind.