Turn your flat
into a source
of income.

Whether we talk about expanding your real estate portfolio, staging your property, improve your portfolio's yield, gain insights into the local market or not needing to hear about post-rental issues with tenants, we have a range of services that you can access. 

We aim to offer you an integrated package for your long term rentals so you can save time and have fewer things to worry about.

Tenant search
and selection.

We’re focused on creating a great match.

Technical and
maintenance support.

We have dedicated teams who can fix potential issues.

A whole team 
to support you.

As a comparison to what you would go through alone or with one agent.

Prevention and
periodical check-ups.

Making sure everything is in order with your property.

Assistance with
the fiscal authorities.

We register contracts and make sure tax payments are in order.

utilities suppliers.

Handling utilities contract updates and changes.

Assistance for
furnishing & refurbishing.

Working with interior designers to furnish and / or renovate your apartment.


Market analysis, price range positioning, general useful advice for renting.

Pre-sale and
post-sale advisory.

Necessary documentation, market analysis, local market insights.

consultancy for your
peace of mind.

The Estate’s goal is to reduce the degree of complexity for our clients involved in renting and managing a property on the local market.

Our services are ultimately designed to offer you peace of mind, leaving you with more time to invest in things that really matter.